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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform Long Distance Moves?

Yes. Please call 844-208-1233 or email us at for a free quote

Do you perform International Moves?

Yes. Please call 844-208-1233 or email us at for a free quote

How much does it cost to move my Home?

Please visit the Guaranteed Quotes Page for a free quote

What do you base your quote on?

We base our quote on a mix of the following factors:

• • Amount of space your items will require in trucks
• • How many moving professionals required to execute your move
• • Distance between your old and new Homes.

Once I am given a price how can it change?

If you leave any items off of your original items list and you need us to move them, it will cost more.

When should I call a moving company?

At least 3 weeks before your move.

How do I know if a Moving Company is honest?

Call your state’s DOT (the government agency that licenses and regulates moving companies). You can visit their site here

Does a moving company need to be licensed?

Yes, when hiring a moving company make sure they have the appropriate licenses needed to perform your move.

Does a moving company need to be insured?

Yes, when hiring a moving company make sure they have the appropriate insurance needed to perform your move.

How many guys do I need to move my Home?

This depends on how many items you are moving and how much space it takes up on our trucks. It also could depend on whether or not you have any large items such as a Piano that need to be moved.

How long have you been in business?

For 13 Years.

Why do I have to pay for your travel time?

Cost for our travel time is factored into the overall move cost. Along with our moving expertise and muscles, you are also paying us for our time which we are spending on your move whether we are on the road or in your Home.

Do you insure the boxes I pack?

No, we only insure any boxes we pack for you assuming we do not drop any boxes. Make sure to pack all of your belongings throughly.

How much am I expected to tip?

It is up to you but it is customary to tip the people who perform your move.

Will you beat competitors prices?

We NEVER over charge our customers but we also do not get into price battles. In the moving industry you much be very careful who you hire to perform your move. If a company beats our price by a significant margin you should contact your state’s DOT to confirm they are a legitimately insured and/or licensed moving company.

What time of day is best to move?

It is always best to get started earlier rather than later so the move can be completed in a single day.

Free Moving Quote & Storage!

Call us with questions about quotes or storage options at 844-208-1233 or by filling out the form. Also inquire about how you can receive a month of free storage!
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